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About Us


Meet Chelle

Chelle's vision is to take barbering to the people. People need to know that there are people out here that care about them, people that are willing to do what others aren't willing to do for others and people out here that aren't out here just for the monev. Chelle is committed to making an impact in people's lives and it just happens to be that her gift as a barber & hair stylist offer one of the best ways to make an impact. Changing the way people see themselves by helping them see themselves as the beautifully blessed people we all are.


Our Passion

There are too many barbers to count in the Greater Los Angeles Area of Southern California. There is a barber shop on just about every street in Los Angeles but people that use their gift as a barber to make a difference are a rare find indeed. Sharetta Michele Wallace, AKA "Chelle" is one of those people that loves to give back and she uses her amazing skill and artistic talents to make a difference. Barbering may be a profession but with Chelle it's also a ministry. As Chelle would say, "It's not just about cutting hair, it's about helping people feel good about themselves, helping people walk a new walk with the confidence that comes from looking good and feeling good about yourself."

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